Upgrade Your Bathroom to Spa Level

After a long day at the office or even a long day of shopping you just want to relax and unwind. Some people would rather do that anywhere but the bathroom. If you are one of these and dislike your bath because it is poorly laid out, outdated or even just plain ugly, some of the following suggestions may help you make some much-needed updates.

Upgrade Your Fixtures

Old, broken, outdated or non-functional plumbing fixtures should be replaced with modern fixtures. Consider a large walk-in rain shower, accompanied by a large fixed or free-standing soaking tub. You might want to consider an ADA height toilet with a bidet as well. Modernize your vanity by adding a second sink to make mornings go more smoothly.


Don’t settle for an old-fashioned light bar above the sink. Choose some attractive hanging lights and place a larger, matching or coordinating fixture above the tub. You might also really enjoy a pair of the LED mirrors Kansas homeowners are loving hung right above the sinks. If you have few or small windows, be sure to add plenty of light fixtures to brighten the space.

Paint or Paper

Add some pizzazz to the room by bringing in a lovely, fresh paint color. Large patterned wallpapers are seeing a resurgence, but use sparingly and as a focal point. Coordinate the paper and the paint for a beautiful contrast. Use a soft or muted color on the cabinets and shelving and finish things with clean, crisp white trim.

Finally, add a few plants to bring a touch of nature into the room with a few plants. Hanging or potted spider plants love humidity as do pothos, calathea and bird’s nest fern. Your beautiful new bathroom will be the envy of all who see it and you will look forward to winding down in your new space.