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Disney ornaments are the perfect way to celebrate and decorate for Christmas. Especially if you (and your family) are huge Disney fans like we are!

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I love Disney, I love it so much that I am considering going to Disney World if Disneyland doesn’t open up soon. It will probably be different, but I am always in need of a Disney fix. This year my fix might have to come from a themed tree featuring Disney ornaments. I can picture it now thanks to these amazing ornaments I’ve found. And I’m so excited to share them with you! Etsy, Shop Disney and a few other places are great places to look!

To Buy

Let’s go shopping. My dream theme three is all Disney, probably a classic Micky and Minnie style tree and then I’d probably need a couple of others to fit all my favorite Disney characters 😂😂😂. I’m ready to show you a bunch of Disney ornaments to get Disney tree dreams going.

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  1. 2020 Mickey and Minnie – Kohl’s
  2. Mickey and Friends – Shop Disney
  3. Mickey Mouse Icon – Shop Disney
  4. Mickey Mouse Icon Minis – Shop Disney
  5. Nightmare Before Christmas Set – Shop Disney
  6. Zero Light Up – Shop Disney
  7. Carl and Ellie Wedding – Shop Disney
  8. Walle and E.V.E – Shop Disney
  9. Walt and Mickey – Shop Disney
  10. Mickey Jungle Cruise – Kohl’s
  11. Baby’s First Christmas Winnie the Pooh – Kohl’s
  12. 101 Dalmatians – Kohl’s
  13. Slinky Dog – Kohl’s
  14. Eeyore Mistletoe – Kohl’s
  15. Elsa and Nokk – Walmart
  16. Cast Member Tag – Etsy
  17. Walt Disney World Attraction Signs – Etsy
  18. Mickey Ear Wood Personalized – Etsy
  19. Candy Red and Green Mickey – Etsy
  20. Cinderella Castle – Etsy
  21. Disney Cruise Porthole – Etsy
  22. Disney Character Inspired Bulbs – Etsy
  23. Farmhouse Wood Slice Mickey – Etsy
  24. Resort Maps – Etsy
  25. Sparkly Ears Ornament – Etsy
  26. Disney Princess Set – Target
  27. Mickey and Friends Set – Target
  28. Light up Cinderella Castle – Shop Disney
  29. Mickey Glass Ball Set – Amazon
  30. Peter Pan – Amazon

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more Disney ornaments to buy.

Decorating Tips

Need a few pointers to help you put these Disney ornaments to use? We’ve got you covered.

  • Pick a theme. Do you want a general theme or something more specific. A general theme could be a blanket Disney theme that can include your favorites from movies, the theme parks, fandoms, etc. Or narrow it down by picking a certain movie or fandom. Examples: Star Wars or Marvel trees. A Peter Pan tree, princess themed trees, etc.
  • Mix with other ornaments. Take those special Disney ornaments and mix and match them with regular balls, snowflakes, etc. This will give the tree a fuller more decorated look.

Would you do a Disney themed Christmas tree? If you did what theme would you use???

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