IKEA Closet Organizer: Built-In PAX Wardrobe in a Shared Girls’ Room


Looking for a great closet organization idea? Look no further than this IKEA closet organizer!

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IKEA PAX Closet Organization Ideas @Remodelaholic 5

When we first moved into this new project house, one of the first things I brainstormed was closet organization ideas. We needed a great clothing storage solution for my two girls. They were sharing a small bedroom with not much room for even one dresser and with only one small closet which just wasn’t working for us.

We had used IKEA pieces in our last house to build in a closet. This time, with the IKEA PAX closet organizer, we were able to actually shrink the space the closet required and use the extra space for our entryway on the other side of the wall (win, win!).

Come see the transformed entry way, including our (faux) built-in KALLAX hack.

Ready to see how this closet organization idea came to life? Read on and watch the video then be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more about how this room is evolving!

I want to especially thank  IKEA USA for working with us and sponsoring this post and video! (As always, all opinions, messy drawers, and silly outtakes are uniquely ours.)

As you will see in the video, we extended the old closet space forward just a bit to fit the taller version of 4 PAX wardrobes side by side.

Each wardrobe contains:

  • 1 hanging rod
  • 1 shelf
  • 5 PAX solid drawers
  • 1 PAX mesh drawer (installed at the bottom to make room for the door hardware)

The center 2 wardrobes also got a PAX slide out jewelry tray/drawer and a handful of KUGGIS and VARIERA boxes rounded out the system.

5 Benefits to our new IKEA Closet Organizer

IKEA Closet Organizer Benefit 1: Easily Accessible for Kids and Easily Transformed for New Purposes

This closet remodel has created such useful storage, easily accessible for our young kids. We used some of the same kid-friendly closet principles in our hall coat closet revamp, to make things easy for them to reach and put away themselves. We did consider putting a lower hanging rod for easier access, but since we mostly hang up their once-per-week church dresses, we decided it was a better use to add more accessible drawers — but the versatile PAX pieces would have made it really easy to add a lower hanging section or to add one in the future if we change our minds.

Update: As our family has evolved, this room is now our home office and the beautifully organized closet is still completely and equally useful!

IKEA Closet Organizer Benefit 2: New Closet Doors

IKEA Closet Organizer, PAX Wardrobe closet makeover @Remodelaholic 1 2

The old closet had louvered bi-fold doors — great for closets in small spaces but dated and definitely showing their age.  The new IKEA PAX doors only take up a small amount more floor space (if any) and they fit much better with the clean modern lines we prefer and have been adding to update the style of this 1970’s home a bit. (See the full “before” home tour here.)

IKEA Closet Organizer with GRIMO and VIKEDAL doors @Remodelaholic 3 2

We used 2 GRIMO doors and 2 VIKEDAL mirrored doors for clean lines and to give the girls some place to practice their diva poses in front of the mirror 😉 The mirrors also help make the room feel larger and brighter, which is always a win in my book.

IKEA Closet Organizer Benefit 3: Goodbye Messy Built-In Shelves, Hello Flat-front Tidy Drawers

IKEA Closet Organizer Built in to existing closet @Remodelaholic 2 2

The corner shelves and double hanging rods in the old closet were pretty efficient uses of the closet space — they just didn’t work for us and our two young kids. The kids’ clothes were always falling off hangers (if they got hung up at all!) and the shelves became collectors of stuff instead of tidy clothing storage.

How to add an IKEA Closet Organizer to an existing closet using PAX Wardrobe and PAX Drawers @Remodelaholic 5

The roomy PAX drawers work SO much better for the storage that we need!

IKEA Closet Organizer Benefit 4: Perfect-Fit Boxes

Even after they started using the closet organizer, my daughter’s shirt drawer was quite the mess:

IMG 4399 1

She needed just a bit more organization to keep her shirts separated. I grabbed a couple of IKEA’s KUGGIS boxes and some VARIERA storage boxes.  We file-folded her shirts with the logos facing up. Now she can see which shirt she is choosing. Love it!

IKEA Closet Organizer, PAX Organizing Drawers @Remodelaholic 2

Adding the storage boxes to the drawer not only defines the interior spaces, but helps to separate different items.  This makes finding what she needs so much easier and keeps the rest of the shirts in place.

Side note: As a busy mom, and I am sure most of you can agree, we don’t have a lot of time to go around keeping kids shirts folded!   I have found, if the kids have a system and we talk about it and organize it once together, they keep things organized longer.  Then, between seasons when we change out winter clothes for summer or vice versa, I help them whip things back into order quickly and it lasts another couple of months.

Kid Friendly Affordable Drawer Organization For A Dresser Or Built In Closet With Drawers Using IKEA Organizers #remodelaholic

IKEA Closet Organizer Benefit 5: Perfect-Fit Organizers

IKEA PAX Organizing Drawers @Remodelaholic 3

The full line of PAX-compatible KOMPLEMENT organizers makes it so simple for my kids to have just the right storage for their tiny “treasures” and the trays also keep all their necklaces from becoming tangled up knots!

Well, what do you think about this closet makeover?

how to update an old closet and add drawers and storage space with IKEA closet organizer, PAX wardrobes #remodelaholic

I am so happy with it.  I LOVE these IKEA closet organizer PAX units so much that we have them in every bedroom.  I think it really is a worthwhile investment into the quality of your home.

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