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All You Need to Know About on How to turn your phone into wifi hotspot in Your Phone

It is not safe to use WIFI that is found in many public areas. By using a public WIFI, you are at a high risk of snooping. This network is not encrypted, and therefore anyone within the range can gain access to your personal details. This issue can only be solved by having your own personal hotspot WIFI. Other situations when you need to use a WIFI-hotspot is when your internet connection is down but still you want your device to be online again. The following information is about what is a wifi hotspot, and the whole operation of activating it in your phone.

It is essential to understand what is a wifi hotspot before you begin the set. A WIFI is a convenient way of accessing the internet in your phone, tablet or laptop. There are different internet service providers; for example, satellite, fiber, wireless, among other service providers. A WIFI hotspot is defined as a place with accessible internet connections such as airports and coffee shops. With your android or iPhone, you can quickly make a workable WIFI. Android and iPhone phones have a different procedure of activating a WIFI hot.

Android device has had the WIFI hotspot for a long time. Different android phones have a different user interface, but the activity on How to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot is almost the same. To open activate hotspot, open the settings of your device. Scroll down and find a tab written ”network and internet”. tab on the tab written hotspot and tethering. Due to different user interface, the wording may vary for the same menu. Select the checkbox to activate. A new window will appear; set the password. Slide the switch to make it operational.

Once you have activated the setting on your iPhone or Android device, the connection will be visible to all WIFI enable device. To ensure that third party do not use your hotspot, ensure that you configure it. Select the configuration on the WIFI settings. n the SSID section, write a name that is easy to be identified by others. Select security as WPA2 and then write a password you can easily remember. Tab save. Immediately after saving, you will be through on How to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot

There are a couple of applications that help you on How to turn your phone into a wifi hotspot. However, you should not consider them because the inbuilt android hotspot works just fine. They are more essential especially when your service provider does not allow you to tether internet connection. Your device must be rooted for these applications to bypass tethering. However, you need to know that you are violating the terms and conditions of the carrier.