Feng Shui Your Home

If you have ever felt out of place in your own home, now may be the time to try some feng shui home design. Literally translated as “wind water” the principle of feng shui attempts to bring harmony to people and their environment through the forces of surrounding energy.

Clean Entry Hall

The best place to start to “feng shui” your home is with the entry hall. Most plans of home design Jacksonville FL include some sort of space for guests to step into your home and out of the elements. This area should be clean and inviting. Provide a coat rack or umbrella stand for your guests and a few green plants to purify the air. Do not make it a space to pile mail or car keys.

Focus on the Flow

Walk through your house the way a guest would. Is the path clear or must they step over baskets of laundry and piles of shoes to get to the living room? Do the same for yourself. If you bump into the night table every time you go from the bedroom to the bathroom, it may be time for a different table.

Create Height

Consider ways to draw the eyes upward. Add a tall thin bookshelf rather than a short squatty one. Place a tall lamp or tree in the corner of the room. Add a floating shelf a foot under the ceiling to display treasures. Aim low lights up. Anything that draws the eye up can bring about feelings of advancement.

Command the Room

A basic principle of feng shui is to position your important furniture like your bed or desk in a commanding position. From your post, you should have your back against a solid wall and be able to see the doorway clearly without being exactly opposite to it. Think of yourself like a monarch awaiting the fealty of your approaching subjects.

If you are without direction with how to make your house feel like your home, consider the principles of feng shui. You may discover that there is something to this 3500-year-old system.