When the time comes to perform décor upgrades around the house, the first step towards saving money is determining which of the home improvement projects you can do yourself. After all, hiring a contractor to work on your home can send the home improvement budget through the proverbial roof.

However, a few of the projects (Think quartz countertop) on your home décor upgrade list will require the professional services of a licensed home improvement contractor. The key is to find a contractor that operates on a fixed rate basis, as well as bundles a few of the services into a discounted home improvement package.

Now, you are ready for décor upgrades to make around the home that won’t bankrupt you.

Install a Quartz Countertop

Unless you have installed a quartz countertop before, it is a good idea to outsource the project to an experienced home improvement contractor that specializes in installing bathroom and kitchen countertops. Engineered quartz offers many of the benefits provided by granite, and then some more.

Rugged Durability

Although a few quartz countertops are manufactured from quarried stone, a vast majority of quartz countertops are made from rugged engineered stones. The manufacturing process produces a nearly unbreakable countertop material that resists the damage caused by scratches and strong impacts.

Nonporous to Withstand Moisture

Whether you add a quartz countertop in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you can expect the countertop to be located in a humid environment. Therefore, you want a nonporous material that absorbs moisture to prevent the degradation of the countertop. Nonporous engineered quartz is the ideal nonporous material to use for constructing a countertop.

Ultimate Décor Versatility

When you install a countertop, you want the countertop to blend in seamlessly with the overall design theme of the kitchen or the bathroom. Because each slab of quartz is uniquely engineered, you can customize quartz slabs to conform to the appearance of the bathroom or the kitchen. For example, a dark tone engineered quartz countertop works well with dark colored wallpaper.

As Low Maintenance as it Gets

You have to look long and hard to find a countertop material that requires as little maintenance as the maintenance needed for an engineered quartz countertop. The nonporous surface means you only have to use a damp washcloth to wipe away stains. You also do not need to seal an engineered quartz countertop.

The average cost for a slab of engineered quartz runs from $50 to $70, with the total cost of an engineered quartz countertop between $2,000 and $3,900, and you can find more information on pricing here. The total cost of an engineered quartz countertop factors in the cost of materials and the labor for a professionally done installation.

Perform a Paint Makeover

You have heard about professional makeovers that transform how someone looks. Well, you can complete the same type of makeover, without spending as much money.

It is called refreshing one or more rooms with a paint makeover.

Transforming a dull looking room into a cheerful, high-energy place to entertain guests requires only the deft touch of a paintbrush. You can even turn a brightly colored room into a more subdued looking room by adding splashes of darker colored paint on the walls.

Interior Shutters Enhance a Room’s Style

Window treatments represent an affordable way to enhance the visual appeal of any room, but especially for bedrooms. Customized shutters blend flawlessly with other room elements to upgrade the décor around the house. Shutters do a good job of blocking out sunlight, as well as giving you more privacy. The window treatments also prevent cold drafts from invading your warm, cozy sleeping space.

A Glossy Finish for the Cabinets

Have your cabinets located in the kitchen and the dining room lost their aesthetic appeal? If the answer is yes, you do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to buy new cabinets. For most types of wood, all you have to do is spend a little money on a high grade varnish to create a glimmering surface that highlights the most attractive features of natural and artificial light. Moreover, you do not need to be a licensed and certified contractor to complete the easy to do project.

Add More Flowers…

…without spending one penny. No, you do not have to cultivate more soil to grow more flowers. You simply divide perennials every three years to thin out the clump forming flowers that bloom from late spring until late summer. Dividing perennials is also a highly effective strategy for controlling flower sizes and encouraging faster growth.

Add an Outdoor Living Space

You do not have to bust the bank account to add an outdoor living space. Gazebos and pergolas come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure you remain within the home improvement budget. In addition to increasing your home’s curb appeal, an outdoor living space will also increase the room you have to cook and/or entertain.