40 Beautiful Kitchens with Gray Kitchen Cabinets


Love gray kitchens? We’ve collected our favorite kitchens featuring gray kitchen cabinets in light gray, dark gray, and two-tone wood and grey cabinets. 

We also featured our favorite two-tone grey and white kitchens here. If color is more your style, see our favorite bold color kitchen cabinets here.

All Gray Kitchen Cabinetry With White Countertops, UVPH 2018 Ivory Homes Model

Home by Ivory Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Gray Kitchen Cabinets & Trends

When it comes to kitchens, gray kitchen cabinets are the new white! Agree or disagree, I love seeing this neutral cabinetry trend, from all gray kitchens to gray and white kitchens. It’s a combination that can be modern or farmhouse (or modern farmhouse) or more classic or contemporary depending on the style of cabinetry, hardware choice, and shade of gray cabinet paint.

Now, I still love my white kitchen cabinets but since I have two houses, I get the best of both worlds with gray kitchen cabinets in the other kitchen, too. (even though neither kitchen is what I would consider finished… #youknowyou’reaRemodelaholic )

Light Grey Kitchen Cabinets From IKEA With New Wood Plank Waterproof Flooring #remodelaholic

Both our white and gray kitchen cabinets are from IKEA, in Häggeby white and Bodbyn gray fronts on SEKTION cabinets. (See our white kitchen reveal here — and we’re updating it with tile right now, so watch our IG stories!)

Whitney's Gray Ikea Kitchen Cabinet Remodel

Light Gray Kitchen Remodel with IKEA Cabinets – see more here

We are big fans of the IKEA cabinet options for remodels because they are affordable and easy to hack to create a semi custom kitchen cabinet layout with the features you want — like our pantry roll-outs, soft-close hardware, or deep drawers. Read more about using IKEA cabinets in Whitney’s light gray kitchen remodel here

But, whether you’re building a new home with a builder, building a home yourself, renovating your kitchen with a contractor, or DIYing a kitchen remodel — you can make gray kitchen cabinets work for your style!

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Beautiful Kitchens featuring All Gray Kitchen Cabinets

Gray kitchen cabinets can be an integral part of any style of kitchen, so don’t shy away from gray cabinetry! From a sleek modern kitchen to a chic modern farmhouse kitchen, just look at how beautiful these painted gray kitchens can be.

See more two-tone white and gray kitchens here — including gray kitchen cabinets and gray backsplashes and white countertops. 

This gray kitchen features medium gray upper and lower cabinets, with a roomy square white island for plenty of kitchen seating.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Large White Kitchen Island, UVPH17 House 21 Fieldstone Homes

Home by Fieldstone Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen features mostly gray cabinets, with a few white upper cabinets for accents. Open shelving by the sink (including an open drying rack set of shelving in the kitchen window!) and white countertops keep it open and fresh.

Gray Kitchen Cabinetry With White Upper Cabinets, Modern Farmhouse, UVPH 2018 Home 24 Alair Homes, Liv Design Collective

Home by Alair Homes, Liv Design Collective | photo ©Remodelaholic

In a contrast, this all gray kitchen has dark gray cabinets stacked to the ceiling with square crown molding and a dark gray stone countertop. A light gray tile backsplash keeps the space from being too dark — and did you see those amazing gold geometric pendant lights?!

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Dark Gray Countertop, Light Gray Backsplash, UVPH 2016 Home 15 Ivory Homes

Home by Ivory Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Open gray shelves and cabinets in a pantry section of this kitchen give so much storage space. These shaker style doors and bar handles are a classic style that will age well, too. (And, bonus, this style is pretty easy to build yourself!)

UVPH 2018 Home 33 E Builders, Erin Hansen Design

Home by E-Builders, Erin Hansen Design | photo ©Remodelaholic

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In this gray and white kitchen, the left side of the L-shaped kitchen has a large bank of windows with beautiful white trim and roman shades, making the whole kitchen feel open and bright…

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Silver Hardware, Farmhouse Sink, White Counter Top, UVPH 2015 #22 Edge Homes

Home by Edge Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

…while the right side features a beautiful ornate gray range hood, supported by carved corbels, with the same stunning light gray tile backsplash. The staggered depth cabinets and furniture leg details around the range really make this a stunning kitchen.

Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Silver Hardware, Range Hood, Backsplash, UVPH 2015 #22 Edge Homes

Home by Edge Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

For a more modern farmhouse kitchen style, this kitchen leaves the large range hood and uses a sleek black metal hood. The matching black sconces and open shelving make the range hood a design feature and pull the whole kitchen together.

UVPH 2018 Home 19 Arive Homes

Home by Arive Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

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This gray basement kitchen (or rather, kitchenette) features lower cabinets with wall-to-wall open floating shelves above. Adding a full-sized fridge would make this a great small kitchen for regular use!

Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinet Lowers With Large Open Shelf Upper Cabinets, SLPH 2018 Home 7 Wright Homes

Home by Wright Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

This modern farmhouse kitchen takes the gray cabinets to perfection! The open wood shelves with black brackets tie perfectly with the wood flooring. See more modern farmhouse home ideas here

Modern Farmhouse Shaker Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Rustic Wood Bracket Open Shelving, UVPH 2016 Home 30 Maple Shade Construction

Home by Maple Shade Construction | photo ©Remodelaholic

Read more: Our picks for best gray kitchen cabinet paint colors

If your style isn’t farmhouse, just modern — these sleek gray cabinets have flat fronts and black handles. The section of integrated open shelving provides a visual break and plenty of storage, and the crisp white countertop and subway tile fit the modern design to a tee.

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Black Handles, White Countertop, SGPH 2018 Home 4 C Blake Homes

Home by C Blake Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Dark gray cabinets with gray and white marble countertops match beautifully with the classic white subway tile backsplash. (See how to install your own subway tile backsplash here.)

All Gray Kitchen Cabinetry With White Countertops, UVPH 2018 Ivory Homes Model

Home by Ivory Homes, UVPH 2018

But for a totally different look, this textured glass backsplash behind the range is a show-stopper in this modern gray kitchen! (I wish I had gotten a better photo!)

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertop, Glass Backsplash, SLPH 2018 Home 3 Breen Homes

Home by Breen Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

And for yet another look — this textured hexagon glass tile backsplash makes this neutral gray kitchen anything but boring.

Modern Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Large Handles, Gray Pattern Tile Backsplash, UVPH 2016 Home 35 Emerald Homes

Home by Emerald Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

See more neutral backsplash ideas here

Two Tone Wood and Gray Kitchen Cabinetry

I love seeing wood tones of all colors coming back into vogue for cabinets. If you love gray kitchens but you also love rich wood tones, try these ideas for two tone wood and gray kitchen cabinetry.

A section of wood cabinets above the range encompasses the hood and makes a beautiful statement with these modern kitchen cabinets. The black elongated hexagon tile is gorgeous!

Modern Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Light Wood Upper Cabinets, Black Tile Backsplash, UVPH House 27 Emerald Homes

Home by Emerald Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

This modern farmhouse kitchen has all lighter gray cabinets, but with wood accents on the range hood and open shelving for variety.

Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Accents, Open Shelving, SGPH 2018 Home 24 Brio Homes, LLC

Home by Brio Homes LLC | photo ©Remodelaholic

We’ve featured this modern farmhouse kitchen on its own here — it’s a great example of mixing wood cabinets with gray! This view of the range shows the richness of the wood lower cabinets, with the white countertop accenting the gray upper cabinets.

Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Lower Cabinets, Range Hood, Tile Backsplash, UVPH 2018 Home 16 Arive Homes

Home by Arive Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic – featured here

And this full view of the kitchen shows how the wood lowers continue with the gray full wall cabinetry and pantry and the gorgeous wood island — with a built-in banquette bench!

Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinets Uppers And Wood Lower Cabinets, White Countertop, UVPH 2018 Home 16 Arive Homes

Home by Arive Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic – featured here

For a little different look, these dark gray kitchen cabinets have some accent wood drawer fronts and lift-open cabinet doors with class.

Modern Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Wood Accents Black Handles, SGPH 2019 House 14 Richard Brothers Custom Homes

Home by Richard Brothers Custom Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Can we even talk about gray modern farmhouse kitchens without mentioning THE Joanna Gaines? The Fixer Upper Hot Sauce House kitchen, featured here on Remodelaholic, combines a creamy gray cabinetry with a large wood island with open shelving. The sleek range hood and fancy chandelier lighting over the island take it up to the next level!

Fixer Upper Hot Sauce House Kitchen With Wood, Grey And White Cabinets, Featured On Remodelaholic

Fixer Upper Featured On Remodelaholic (image used with permission)

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets

We started seeing gray kitchen make a move into the all-white kitchen scene back in 2015 at the Parade of Homes we were attending. While the trend has been around for awhile, I don’t think it’s a short-lived trend because dark gray kitchen cabinetry can be so classic and stunning, especially when paired with lighter fixtures for contrast.

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This charcoal dark gray kitchen uses open shelving beneath cabinets for a great combination of open shelving style with functional hidden storage behind the cabinet doors. The square shiplap range hood blends right in with the shaker doors on the upper cabinets.

Modern dark gray kitchen cabinets with white backsplash open shelving beneath cabinets, UVPH 2018 Home 22 Mitchell Dean Homes,

Home by Mitchell Deal Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

This smaller kitchen / butler’s pantry keeps the dark gray cabinetry from being cave-like by using open shelves and under cabinet lighting.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Open Shelving, Butler's Pantry, UVPH House 27 Emerald Homes

Home by Emerald Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Can you believe this kitchen was in a basement, with all that natural light? Slate dark gray cabinets, granite countertop, and built-in microwave and drinking fountain made this large kitchenette perfect for entertaining, and for inspiration for a great main kitchen in any home.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinetry, Granite Countertop, Built In Microwave, UVPH 2018 Home 32 Highland Custom Homes, Osmond Designs

Home by Highland Custom Homes, Osmond Designs | photo ©Remodelaholic

Adding crown molding to cabinets makes a big difference. Pushing cabinets up to the ceiling plus the crown molding is even better — plus, it saves having to decorate and dust the space above the cabinets!

These dark gray kitchen cabinets have a nice square crown molding against the ceiling, with integrated lower open shelving for easy access to most-used dishes and a visual break from the all-gray cabinetry.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinetry, White Countertop, Black Island Counter, UVPH 2018 Home 31 Raykon Construction, White + Gold Design

Home by Raykon Construction, White Gold Design | photo ©Remodelaholic

Anytime you build a neutral kitchen, adding texture is important to keep it from looking plain. These woven pendant lights are a perfect example…

UvPH 2018 Home 9 DR Horton

Home by D.R. Horton Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

…and these gold drawer pulls and cabinet handles are divine with the warm gray cabinetry! I used the same type of combo in my gray IKEA kitchen (seen here a bit… will do a reveal someday!)

UvPH 2018 Home 9 DR Horton

Home by D.R. Horton Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Another home show kitchenette that could be an entire kitchen — these dark gray cabinets are almost black, but that large hexagon tile backsplash steals the show!

Small Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets White Counter, UVPH 2018 Home 17 Millhaven Homes, Four Chairs Furniture & Design

Home by Millhaven Homes, Four Chairs Furniture and Design | photo ©Remodelaholic

Modern industrial style feels right at home with these shaker gray kitchen cabinets, polished steel range hood, and open pipe shelving. (And, if I remember correctly, the glass behind the range covers a TV so you can cook and watch your shows at the same time. Living the dream!)

Modern Industrial Farmhouse Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets, Metal Range Hood, Open Shelves UVPH 2015 HOME 24 HIGHLAND CUSTOM HOMES

Home by Highland Custom Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

If an all gray kitchen with dark cabinets starts to feel too dark, add open white shelving like this shiplap wall. Under cabinet lighting helps, too.

Dark Gray Kitchen Cabinets With White Countertop And Open Shelving, UVPH 2015 HOME 6 SUMMIT CONSTRUCTION

Home by Summit Construction | photo ©Remodelaholic

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets

While we’ve been seeing dark gray kitchen cabinets for a few years, the trend toward lighter gray kitchen cabinets is more recent. I think it’s a nice middle ground between loving the modern-yet-classic gray tones and wanting a brighter whiter kitchen.

This gray kitchen takes it all gray: light gray kitchen cabinets, gray upholstered bar stools, and a darker gray barn door to the mudroom. The shiny glass tile backsplash and brass schoolhouse pendants add the perfect polish.

Modern Farmhouse Light Gray Kitchen Cabinetry To The Ceiling, UVPH 2017 Home 18 Millhaven Select, Millhaven Interiors

Home by Millhaven Select Homes, Millhaven Interiors | photo ©Remodelaholic

Love the brass pendant lights? We found look-alikes here and here, and a similar style for an amazing price here

Light gray shaker cabinet doors with classic knobs and pulls make this almost white kitchen so classic. The shaker panels on the range hood are perfect to tie it in with the cabinetry.

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Range Hood, Tall Cupboards, White Countertops, SLPH 2018 Home 13 Magleby Communties

Home by Magleby Communities | photo ©Remodelaholic

There are so many gray cabinet colors to choose from! Gray paint comes in so many undertones, from a blue gray to a more purple gray, or a gray with green undertones. A little bit of different undertone gives a gray kitchen a different vibe, like this one:

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets With White Tile Backsplash White Countertop, UVPH17 House 24 Ivory Homes

Home by Ivory Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

Read more here about choosing paint colors for your whole home and cabinetry

As we’ve seen in this post alone, there are lots of variations for open shelving integrated with kitchen cabinets. This light gray kitchen features two short wide shelves above the main cabinetry — glass fronts for display, but no extra dusting.

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Gray Backsplash, Upper Display Shelves, SLPH 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes

Home by Regal Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

And here’s another view of the same gorgeous light gray kitchen. The lighter cabinets and countertops allow the black picket tile backsplash to be a nice accent instead of taking over. (We found similar black beveled picket tiles here — and it’s peel and stick!)

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinets With Dark Gray Backsplash, White Countertop, SLPH 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes

Home by Regal Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

But if you prefer a lighter backsplash, the same picket fence style tiles look great in white with gray cabinets, too!

UVPH 2018 Home 15 RC Dent Construction, Remedy Furniture & Des

Home by RC Dent Construction, Remedy Furniture Design Center | photo ©Remodelaholic

Another option for open shelving and gray kitchen cabinets: a deep shelf above the fridge. The wood shelf looks great with the light gray cabinetry and matches the lower cabinets of the kitchen and island that we showed up above and featured more here.

Modern Farmhouse Gray Kitchen Cabinetry With Open Shelves Above Fridge, UVPH 2018 Home 16 Arive Homes

Home by Arive Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic – featured here

And, rounding out our favorite gray kitchen cabinets: these light gray cabinets are barely gray, nearly white and stunning in this elegant kitchen!

Light Gray Kitchen Cabinetry, Contemporary Gray Kitchen, SLPH 2018 Home 12 Richmond American Homes

Home by Richmond American Homes | photo ©Remodelaholic

As you design or remodel your gray kitchen, be sure to read:

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