3 Reasons To Upgrade Your Garage Door

There are many ways to improve a home. A fresh coat of paint, new siding and room additions all have plenty to offer homeowners, but perhaps no renovation is as impactful as installing a new garage door, especially when upgrading to an insulated model. The project is listed among the best remodeling ideas, thanks to a return on investment of nearly 98{330f214df237fc2abc96aea099ffbe24c43e06db08036644267acddb2f21482d}. It adds an immediate boost to curb appeal, but the benefits don’t stop there. Here are three other advantages of an insulated garage door.

It’s Energy Efficient

Insulated garage doors are designed to keep garages cool in the summer and warm in the winter. You’ll enjoy the extra comfort during periods of extreme weather, and the protection from subfreezing temperatures will safeguard your car, snow blower and other equipment from common cold-weather problems like low tire pressure and dead batteries. Adding insulated garage doors also can save you money. When combined with other home insulation projects, a homeowner’s energy costs could be reduced by 20{330f214df237fc2abc96aea099ffbe24c43e06db08036644267acddb2f21482d}.

It’s Quieter

Another reason to install Clopay insulated garage doors is for its soundproofing properties. Sound is sealed in, so neighbors won’t be subjected to your garage band rehearsals. Meanwhile, exterior noise is kept out, so you won’t be distracted by the sounds of a busy street or loud neighbor when working in the garage.

It’s Durable

Replacing an old garage door immediately improves your home’s appearance, as no longer will you see the cracks and dents from years of use. More importantly, however, is that the like-new look will continue well into the future thanks to insulated doors’ durability and resistance to wear and tear. These doors are better equipped to handle everything from a driveway basketball game to a driving hailstorm.

If you want to give your home a boost, consider adding a new garage door. It’s a great addition that will open up a world of savings and comfort.