3 Areas Commonly Ignored in Commercial Maintenance

While many homeowners are aware of the most common conditions that lead to events like a fire, water damage, or structural collapse, many business owners often overlook these elements. Many rely on a comprehensive insurance policy as their protection, but preventative maintenance and routine assessments are instrumental in preventing damage and loss in commercial buildings. Here are a few of the most neglected areas of commercial maintenance.

1. Equipment Defects

While a maintenance team may be able to address a water leak, they may not be much good with the faulty seals on your pump. Equipment defects can create a lot of damage and brings safety concerns for users. In addition to ordering the right parts, whether from an industrial lubricant Richmond VA company or a machine shop, having experts assess your equipment once a year can prevent total malfunction.

2. Fire Safety Equipment

There are requirements outlined for fire safety response, such as detection devices, evacuation routes, and fire suppression systems. However, few companies remember to have their extinguishers checked for expiration, or test the sprinkler system response, hose reels, fans, or detection alarms. These are critical to the overall safety of the employees or occupants, in addition to the structural integrity of the building itself.

3. Roofing Structure

Many commercial buildings have flat roofs with concrete slab construction. The constant exposure to rain and sun can lead to water damage, though many maintenance teams aren’t climbing rooftops to assess potential damage. Having a roof assessment every other year can be one way to avoid structural damage and limit a potential cave-in if there is a weak spot. Roof leaks need to be properly repaired and not just addressed with a stop-gap method.

Protecting a commercial structure is important, given the number of occupants it could house at any given time. A thorough maintenance schedule and a highly trained team of individuals can prevent serious damage or loss commonly associated with neglect.