20+ One Wall and Small Laundry Rooms


One wall and small laundry rooms are full of potential! Don’t let the size fool you, we will show you lots of smart ways to utilize the space.

Get even more ideas for small laundry rooms and more inspiration. Or add a pegboard to your make the space more efficient.

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One Wall and Small Laundry Rooms

So many of these one wall and small laundry room ideas are so great. Take the space you have and really use it to your advantage. There are ways to get more storage, space, and to design the look you want in a laundry room.

Small space great layout laundry room featured on Remodelaholic.com

This small laundry space is SO adorable!  I love the lights, the window and the counter tops! Image Source

Small Laundry room inspiration with built-ins featured on Remodelaholic.com

This has to be my FAVORITE laundry room!  I love that it is a small regular room, but that there is so much built in style!  Image Source

Simple laundry room with clothes line. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I really love the kitchen’s with no upper cabinets, and this laundry room feels the same way.  I love the art and the SUPER simple hanging line it really is perfect!

Pretty Green Cabinets in a one wall laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Love the green cabinets!  HELLO!  Beautiful!

Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @RemodelaholicPretty blue cabinets with a built in area for the machines.

Even though there were no machines in this space I love the built in space for them and how the cabinets sit directly on top of the space!
So much fun in this patterned space. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Love the stenciled walls and the art!  Simple space with white cabinets looks very beautiful!

Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic Pretty White laundry room with shelves for storage.

It is amazing how much the open shelves add to this space!  I LOVE the baskets and white towel stacks it is staged beautifully!  So even this simple inexpensive shelf looks amazing!  Something to keep in mind when making updates on a budget.

shared laundry bathroom space with beautiful baskets for storage featured on Remodelaholic.com

This is a great space for a half bathroom.  The wicker baskets are such an upgrade from cheap plastic and make the whole room feel warmer and it just looks beautiful!  Image Source

making due with a small space stacked machines and built ins featured on remodelaholic.com

I love the bright pops of color against a mostly white or neutral background!  Image Source

Laundry room in kitchen or mudroom space, black walls and looks beautiful featured on Remodelaholic.com

This may or may not be in a kitchen, but if that is the case for you that your kitchen shares a laundry space, check out how truly nice the space can be!  LOVE! Oh and those charcoal walls are just amazing!  Image Source

Laundry in corner of a small laundry room featured on Remodelaholic.com

I absolutely love the newel post leg details in the laundry room!  Totally DIY-able… I have some saved for the day and time that I can use them for this same purpose #Buildingsupplyhoarder!  Image Source

Fun detail with newel posts and counter and air drying laundry room featured on Remodelaholic.com

Another real life Laundry room!  Again check out the details of the newel post table legs!  I love the hanging space, and the white walls and cabinets.  Beautiful!  Image Source

simple Laundry Room with open shelves and storage baskets featured on Remodelaholic.com

This lovely laundry room is So simple to accomplish shelves and plastic bins, with amazing results!  Anyone can do this! Image via I Heart Organizing

great hall laundry room with big style! Beautiful idea featured on Remodelaholic.com

This hall closet version of a laundry room may seem like the average size, but the style is off the charts!  The sliding barn door, the light blonde counter and the tiled wall (and if you are tight on the budget you could have faux tiles for the same look just follow this tutorial!) Image source

Simple laundry room with colored cabinets and storage featured on remodelaholic.com

This simply stunning little laundry room, is about average size, but packs a punch of great style, with painted cabinets and a great folding counter space!  LOVE it! Image via Life in Grace

cute cottage attic laundry room design featured on Remodelaholic.com

This fabulous cottage laundry room tucked into an attic space has so many simple great features and colors!

Mudroom laundry room combo right off the pool. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Right off a pool, this laundry mudroom entrance is heaven sent!  Love the idea!  (there is a small half bath attached for changing!)

Beautiful wallpapered glam laundry room with small desk spot. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I love the table in between the two machines.  Without the slight variation from the normal one wall layout, you wouldn’t have this great hidden crafting space!

Colorful bins for organizing items on the top shelf. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Sorry about the quality of this picture, I still think the simple shelves with cute bright boxes could be done by anyone and is very cute!

Small laundry room with a sink and lots of storage with cabinets from floor to ceiling. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

This was technically a hall laundry closet, but by adding just an extra couple feet of depth they were able to create a great laundry “room”!  And stacking the units is such a smart space saver for a closet room, in my opinion!Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic, simple small and functional laundry room featured on Remodelaholic.com

SO simple!  but eh wallpaper and cabinet color, makes the room feel special!  I especially love the open shelves between the two cabinets.  Not only is this budget friendly it just adds tot he beauty of the space!

A shelf for storage or decor and a tabletop for folding in a small laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

The art above the super inexpensive shelf makes this laundry room!  Great budget idea!

Tips for Organizing and Designing

  • Storage. Use the space wisely and organize it using cabinets, baskets, shelves, built-ins, etc. Extend cabinets to the ceiling if possible to add more storage space in small laundry rooms.
  • Be creative. The space might be smaller, but you can still sneak in a sink or other essentials. Think about stacking machines for more space.
  • Add your own style. Small spaces are perfect for adding a bolder dose of style through a wallpaper, floor pattern, colorful cabinets or wall art.

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One Room And Small Laundry Rooms Full Of Inspiration And Design Ideas And More Featured On Remodelaholic.com

One Room And Small Laundry Rooms Full Of Inspiration And Design Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Small but stylish Laundry Room Ideas @remodelaholic #laundry #design #small
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