15 Closet Laundry Room Ideas


A closet laundry room may be small and in a closet, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be really efficient and functional. We will show you how to make the most of a closet laundry room.

Want more help? See these idea for small laundry rooms and more inspiration. And check out these linen closet organizing tips to also help organize a closet laundry room.

Closet Laundry Room Ideas

Great hidden laundry room using a barn door featured on Remodelaholic.com
This barn door setup and antique door makes this laundry room!  You don’t have to buy it new for it to be fabulous!  Image source

Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I love this hallway laundry closet.  It is simple, and I love how the door opens and pushes back into the space!

Closet Laundry with pretty storage featured on remodelaholic.com

This is another one of those great budget ideas for a hall. I LOVE the cubbies they created with inexpensive shelving wood!  Smart! Image Source

hidden laundry in a closet with storage on doors featured on Remodelaholic.com

These huge useful storage doors are such a great idea for a closet laundry room, as are the pullout shelves below the units! Image Source

Laundry in a closet compact but well designed featured on Remodelaholic.com

Another great compact laundry closet!  Love the built in shelf next to it! Perfect!  Image source

Efficient hall closet laundry area with pull out ironing board featured on Remodelaholic.com
I love this whole laundry room in a closet!  Out of site when not in use but a great size when open! Image Source

Share Powder Room with Laundry and hide it behind closet doors featured on Remodelahoilc.com

WOW!  This laundry room hidden in a bathroom is beautiful! Image Source

 Great Built In hidden Laundry Rooms

Keep in mind venting for your dryer!  Keep it safe!  That is the most important thing!

Hidden laundry room in plain sight featured on Remodelaholic.com

These push back doors, to open up to a totally useful laundry Space that is hidden when not in use, are amazing!  I LOVE this laundry space!  Totally perfect!  Image Source

Built in Laundry room in Mudroom with yellow cabinets featured on remodelaholilc.com

I really love the hidden machines like this one with the cheerful yellow cabinets!  Great idea for a shared laundry space!  Image Source

Hallway Laundry Space built in hidden laundry featured on Remodelaholic.com

This hallway laundry room with hidden machines is SO clever!  NO need for a whole dedicated room, and yet the room adds to your space!  Image Source

Hidden built in Laundry Space with machines in cabinets featured on Remodelaholic.com

Another great hidden laundry room… Lovely! Image Source

Hidden Laundry open storage featured on remodelaholic.com

These doors are so simple and rustic, but hiding your machines this way is totally beautiful!  Image Source

hidden machines great storage laundry room featured on Remodelahoilc.com

  These cabinets are some of my favorite in this whole round up! Image Source

laundry room with hidden machines and possibly vented doors featured on Remodelahoilc.com

These large scale doors are lovely and the venting for safety is ideal!  I love the look!  Image Source

hidden washing machine without having to build it in featured on Remodelaholic.com

This Great option doesn’t require any built in cabinet, but you can still keep your machines out of site!  Image Source

Tips for Organizing and Designing

  • Safety. When hiding a laundry room in built-ins make sure to allow for proper venting, etc.
  • Space Saving. Think of ways to really save on space. Use doors that slide back into the space or sliding barn doors, fold out ironing boards, etc.
  • Think Pretty. Allow the inside of the closet to be organized with shelves, baskets, and more. And then make the outside work seamlessly in with your home decor.

More Great Laundry Room Ideas

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Hidden Closet Laundry Rooms And Built In Laundry Room Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Closet Laundry Rooms And Built In Laundry Room Ideas Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Closet and built in Laundry Room Ideas #laundry #home #design @remodelaholic
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