100+ Inspiring Laundry Room Ideas


These inspiring laundry room ideas can help you work with the space you have, or dream up something new if you are remodeling or building. 

Need more help planning a laundry room? Check out some gorgeous paint colors for cabinets or how to pick out the perfect wall paint color. Even add a fun touch with a dutch barn door.

In our new house we are moving the laundry room from the end of the kitchen to a small entry closet.  While the space will be far more compact, I feel like we can make something great with the right inspiration!  Like I mentioned in this post,  Justin and I are hoping to build a house at some point.  Technically, we won’t be building our dream home, it will be a reasonable build, on a budget, that we can upgrade over a couple years and turn around and sell. I am not sure if you feel the same way, but I feel like building our dream home as our first experience building would just be too difficult.  I want to figure out the whole process from my perspective before doing it on a house that we *might* consider our final house.  (and let’s be honest that may never happen…the final house thing, until I die.)

But one thing that I think is important when planning a build or remodel is finding amazing inspiration.  Obviously we have pinterest, to create great inspiration boards, (follow me, pretty please!!), and that is such a great tool for defining you style, but I think that creating a “look book” of ideas that you like is also good, so I plan on doing a series of look book ideas for our dream house and yours.

I wanted to share a bunch of fabulous inspiration shots that I have been compiling for planning my laundry room. Hopefully whether you are remodeling or building, you can pull quite a few great ideas from these shots.  Keep in mind, while some of these spaces are in huge rooms, you can pick and choose what you like or work in the main laundry area into a smaller space.

Laundry Room Ideas

Pretty gallery wall in a laundry room! Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

This art placement is beautiful and inviting!  What a fun way to display a favorite set of photographs, or drawings.

fun with electrical tape, laundry room ideas

personalized laundry room using electrical tape

Are your laundry machines a little boring?… I love this fun light hearted makeover using electrical tape… (other options? think washi tape, colored electrical tape.  You could do anything!) Images Source, second image source 

Double Laundry and Crafting Room Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I LOVE the idea of having shelves for each family member as my kiddos get bigger!  How great is this look!

great tile backsplash over laundry for a fun look featured on Remodelaholic.com

Don’t underestimate a tile back splash.  A lot of time people are concerned about cost, but the square footage  amount is so minimal that even a $10 square foot tile the whole project shouldn’t cost you more than $200…. Image source

Laundry with stylish wall paper featured in Remodealholic.com's Laundry Room Ideas

Speaking of details, how about wall paper?  This amazingly styled laundry room is just beautiful with a few simple details! Image Source

Laundry with pink striped walls House and Home featured on Remodelaholic.com

This may be too feminine for some, but if you want to add some drama, pink stripes WILL do that for you!  (you just may not be able to ask your hubby to wash the laundry…I kid) Image Source

upcycled old cabinets for laundry room idea featured on Remodelaholic.com

If you have some old cabinets kicking around, why not use those to give your laundry room some unique personality! Image Source

Great Storage Additions to Any Laundry Room

Laundry Room with gift wrapping center Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic (76 of 103)

How about a gift wrapping station… no more searching for gift wrap!

air drying space in pretty laundry room with baskets too featured on Remodelaholic.com

I love natural wicker baskets!  Beautiful!  And what a great way to make laundry look pretty with matching baskets on several shelves. Image Source

small space great storage laundry room using a pegboard

Hello peg board.  What a great way to organize cleaning materials in ONE small spot.  Be sure to check out the plans to create a shallow pegboard storage cabinet which would be great in a laundry room! Image Source

Organized shelves above washing machine

These simple organized shelves make this ordinary laundry room look fabulous!  Image Source

Inepensive open organization for the launrdy room

A simple Ikea shelf unit can do wonders!  This open linen closet is beautiful!  (and if you need a little bit of extra hidden storage just buy some of the wicker baskets that fit perfectly in each shelf!)  Image Source

Hidden littler box in laundry room/mudroom

Don’t forget kitty!  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this little cat door to hide kitty’s unmentionables. Image Source

Great open storage in launrdry room

I told you I love baskets right… and apparently you just can’t have too many wicker baskets.  This image is proof! Image Sourcecute cabinet to hide all of the extra laundry necessities

This simple melamin cabinet is like laundry gold!  Look at how much hidden storage space it creates without any big DIY projects! Image Source

Cleaning storage in laundry room

This little utility closet is also worth it’s volume in gold!  Great storage, and it would work so well in a laundry room! Making some storage bins or one large storage unit to go on the back of this door would be even more exciting.   Image Source

Things to Consider in Designing a Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are absolutely necessary but often overlooked (especially if you are not building a high end, custom house).  I think it is important to consider the layout and jobs that have to be done in the space before the fact.

  • Do you want to throw laundry in and leave?
  • Do you want a sorting area?
  • Do you like to fold laundry in the space?
  • Do you air dry a lot of things, and need a large air drying space?
  • Do you want to keep extra cleaning supplies in there?
  • Do you want to have extra linen closet items in the space?
  • Do you want the space to be a multi-tasking room with a sewing machine for quick fixes (and possibly other crafting tools?)
  • Is natural light important to you in the space?
  • Would you rather keep it to a small closet to take up less square footage?
  • Will the laundry room also be a mudroom?

You need to decide what key elements are important to you, what you can afford, and what works in your layout.  For example, Justin and I have a floor plan that we like.  But the laundry rooms is a cave!  The layout makes for very little storage,  and overall I just don’t like it.  But if I move the machines to a different wall, change the door to a pocket door and add a window, I can quadruple storage space and make the room bright and beautiful.

More Great Laundry Room Ideas

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Great Laundry Room Ideas And Details And More Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Great Laundry Room Ideas And Details Featured On Remodelaholic.com

Fun Laundry Room Details to add to your wash room! #laundry #design #details @remodelaholic
100+ Best Laundry Room Inspiration and Ideas @remodelaholic

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