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Recessed Light Fixtures for a Low Ceiling


Wondering how to install lights in a basement with a low ceiling and shallow clearance? We found a great affordable light fixture for low ceilings! This thin LED light requires only 3/4″ clearance and is easy to install.  

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Our Shallow Clearance, Low Ceiling Light Fixture Solution

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As I mentioned in our last basement reno vlog, our 1970’s home has a low ceiling in the basement. Lower than average, and we’re both a bit taller than average — so it’s tight.

We chose to open the ceiling and expose the rough wood floor joists to add a bit of height and character in the main areas.

Thin Recessed LED Ceiling Lights, Easy Install Low Ceiling Lighting For Basement Remodel #remodelaholic (1)

In this storage room, we’ll drywall the ceiling next. But first, we needed to figure out the lighting.

Because of the configuration of everything else in the ceiling and the tight fit of the framing, we needed a really shallow ceiling light that didn’t require a large junction box clearance.

Need to install recessed lights without attic access? Here’s a great solution!

So we searched, and searched some more, and finally we found a solution we are really happy with — and of course, we’ll share and save you some time searching!

We chose these lights: 6 inch 3000K/ 4000K/ 5000K Three Color Temperature Selectable, Dimmable 15W CRI90+, Ultra Thin LED Recessed Light with Junction Box

What we like about these thin ceiling lights:

Thin Recessed Ceiling Lights For A Low Ceiling Basement Renovation With Shallow Clearance Framing #remodelaholic 01

Now that we’ve found and installed these great lights for our low ceiling in the basement storage room, we’re ready to finish up drywall before we install carpet!

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Easy Install Low Clearance Ceiling Lights For A 1970's Basement Remodel #remodelaholic


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