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How To Prepare for New Landscaping

When the weather starts to warm up there’s a natural call to get back in the yard and make things look more beautiful. A landscaping project can liven up the exterior of your home by accenting architectural features and softening the hard lines of your home. Here are some ways to prepare for this season.

1. Remove Old Yard Debris

When you move into a new house or haven’t taken the time to keep up with your landscaping over the years, it’s important to remove any dead trees or bushes, especially if they have a disease that can spread to other areas of the yard. Clean out any sticks, pinecones, leaves and other debris that falls around your home. If you have a large yard, you may need to place dumpsters for renovations Cincinnati in your driveway to contain all the waste during the clean-up phase.

2. Map Out Your Area

Now that you have a clearer picture of what you want to keep and where the empty areas are, you can begin to figure out what new bushes, flowers or trees you wish to install. Landscape designers can help you with this step. They know what plants are native to the area, how to design a landscape to provide aesthetic appeal and when to plant. This can save you a lot of research time.

3. Prepare the Yard for Sod

If your yard is more weed than grass, it may be time to start over completely with sod. To go this route, you have to till up the existing yard and remove all the plant matter to prepare the ground. Then you need to add any soil amendments before you lay the sod down.

Depending on the size of your yard, a landscaping project can take weeks or months to accomplish. Keep a list of to-do items and tasks so you can see the progress you make and stay motivated to reach the finish line.