DIY Cabinet Door Storage Bin Woodworking Plans


Build your own cabinet door storage bin set with these easy woodworking plans! Organize under your kitchen sink or bathroom cabinets by adding accessible storage for small items. 

Add more space-saving storage with DIY built-in storage between the studs or these wall storage bins

Diy Cabinet Door Storage Bin Plans To Build Your Own Under Sink Storage And Organize Cabinets #remodelaholic

Whether your home is large or small, old or new — every little space counts when it comes to storage and organizing!

Cassity saw a wood cabinet door storage bin in Better Homes and Gardens magazine way back in 2012 and asked if I could make one like it.

You bet I can! And of course, we’ve got the plans so you can, too.

I hope that if you build this that you will share with us your photos — we love to see your work!

DIY Cabinet Door Storage Bin Plans

This is an easy woodworking plan on how to build your own cabinet door storage bin.

We’ve even updated and revised the plan to include additional tips for adjusting the size and a template for the curved sides.

Get the printable cabinet door storage bin plans

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Cabinet Storage Bin Plans

The 8-page detailed printable woodworking plan includes

  • full materials and tools list
  • beginner-friendly instructions and diagrams
  • how to adjust the bins to fit the width of your cabinet and/or the depth you need

These bins are designed using affordable 1×4 boards and installed using 2″ mending plates for easy and durable installation.

Even at 2021 lumber prices (!), it’ll cost you only $10-15 max to build TWO of these cabinet storage bins.

All you’ll need is a jigsaw and a circular saw (though a compound miter saw makes the straight cuts easier and more accurate, plus then you can build all of these, too!).

Assemble using a hammer and nails (and recommended wood glue) — though again, a brad nailer is faster and opens up a whole slew of other projects you can build more effectively, too!

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Where to Use Cabinet Door Storage Bins

These bins are a great size for using in a bathroom vanity, kitchen cabinets, or a pantry cabinet. (Though we do recommend pantry roll-outs if you can because we love ours!)

Organize smaller items in the bins using small storage trays and containers.

Bathroom Cabinet Door Storage

There usually aren’t any shelves in a vanity, so these under sink organizing bins that attach to the door helps solve the problem of organizing smaller items (like soap, hair supplies, and toilet paper) in a deeper cabinet.

Kitchen Cabinet Door Storage

In the kitchen, a set of these cabinet door organizers can hold tin foil and plastic wrap boxes, paper towels, container lids, etc.

Cleaning Closet or Pantry

Like in the image below, you can store cleaning supplies, spray bottles, and even your whole cleaning binder in these door storage bins!

(And if you love that paper towel holder, we found one like it at Home Depot or at Target. High five!)


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Published Aug 8 2012 // Updated Jan 18 2021

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