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35+ Garden Arbors and Trellises to Buy or Build


Garden arbors and trellises are a great way to add beauty to your yard. There are a lot of great options to buy, and we have some great ones to build too.

Make sure to cover up outdoor eyesores, so everyone will be looking at your arbor or trellis, and learn how to paint concrete for a new look too.

Garden arbors and trellises are a great way to add a special feature to your yard. There are so many styles and varieties. We are sharing some of our favorites to buy and a few to build too. Check out all of the arbors and trellises below, and then we’ve split them up into  arbors and trellises if looking for something specific.

Garden Arbors and Trellises to Buy

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  1. Acacia Garden Planter – Overstock
  2. Redding 5′ Trellis – Walmart
  3. Rustic Trellis Panel – Walmart
  4. 8′ Vinyl Wall Trellis – Walmart
  5. Whitmore Hemlock Trellis – Walmart
  6. Free Standing Trellis – Wayfair
  7. Steel Obelisk Trellis Set – Wayfair
  8. Iron Arched Trellis – Wayfair
  9. Privacy Wood Trellis – Wayfair
  10. Wood Fan Trellis in multiple colors – Wayfair
  11. Wood Lattice Panel Trellis – Wayfair
  12. Arched Wood Lattice Trellis – Wayfair
  13. Vinyl White Lattice Trellis – Wayfair
  14. Geometric Trellis – Home Depot
  15. Modern Ladder Trellis – Home Depot

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more trellises.


  1. Metal Garden Arbor with Bench – Overstock
  2. PVC Arbor – Wayfair
  3. Wood Arbor Gate – Walmart
  4. Traditional Wood Arbor – Wayfair
  5. Hemlock Wood Simple Arbor – Walmart
  6. Metal Arbor – Wayfair
  7. Round Wood Tunnel Arbor – Walmart
  8. Gothic Metal Arbor – Wayfair
  9. Gracie Metal Arbor in multiple colors – Wayfair
  10. Mainstays Wood Outdoor Arbor – Walmart
  11. Round Arbor with Gate – Wayfair
  12. Arched Metal Arbor – Walmart
  13. Cedar Post Arbor – Wayfair
  14. Cedar Double Bench Arbor – Wayfair
  15. Metal Tunnel Arbor – Walmart
  16. Savannah Steel Arbor – Wayfair
  17. Beige Westwood Arbor – Wayfair
  18. Traditional Metal Arbor – Wayfair
  19. Jaida Metal Arbor – Wayfair
  20. Athena Wood Arbor – Wayfair
  21. Sherwin Vinyl Arbor – Wayfair

Click the arrows on either side of the image below to see more arbors.

Arbors and Trellises to Build or DIY

Wanting more of a project? We’ve got some pretty cool building plans and ideas to create your own garden arbors and trellises.

  1. Chevron Trellis by Easter Avenue Co for Remodelaholic
  2. Arched Arbor and Trellis
  3. Garden Arbor Arch
  4. House Arbor by HerToolBelt for Remodelaholic

Design Inspiration

Here are a couple of ideas for different ways to use arbors and trellises around your home throughout your yard.

Simple trellises an outdoor fire pit area and where to buy trellises and garden arbors on, for SGPH 2019 House 07 Brio Homes LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

SGPH 2019 House 07 Brio Homes LLC, Photo by Remodelaholic

Place trellises against the house around an outside seating area. It will add a lovely touch of greens as plants grow up the trellises.

Add trellises and a planter box to your patio area, SGPH 2019 House 15 Split Rock Custom Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

SGPH 2019 House 15 Split Rock Custom Homes, Photo by Remodelaholic

Another fun way to use trellises is to have a planter box beneath them. See these cool metal ones in the planter box in the right of the above image?

Add an arbor to your backyard for a beautiful addition to your landscaping, SLPH 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes, Photo by

SLPH 2018 Home 5 Regal Homes, Photo by

Add an arbor as part of your landscaping feature and use it to hang hanging planters on.

how to build a wood arbor as a backyard wedding arch, portable and simple to build featured on

Use an arched arbor on a deck to hang more planters and patio lights from, plus it give an outdoor space a touch of design.

2x4 Garden Arbor, Wood Wedding Arch, perfect for the backyard featured on

Arbors are also great for weddings, gatherings, etc. They provide some shade and add a pretty area to gather around.

Need more ideas for your yard? Add matching wood shutters to a new arbor, or even a beautiful pergola complete with swings.

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