• September 20, 2020

DIY Fireplace Makeover Part One: Updating Mantel Moldings

In need of a fireplace makeover?  Read and watch how we did ours to get inspiration for your DIY fireplace makeover.  This is part one in a series of blog posts and videos showing the progress.  Thanks to DAP for sponsoring this post, all opinions are ours.

Since we moved into our house a couple years ago we have done a LOT of work making the house ours.  But, one caveat is when there is a lot to do, we tend to start but not finish anything!  There have been literally so many things to do that once something is

Build a Reclaimed Wood Herringbone Coffee Table in 5 Easy Steps

Would you love to have a beautiful reclaimed wood coffee table that can be built in 5 easy steps?  This herringbone coffee table with hairpin legs is the project for you! Using plywood and wood planks, this plan is simple and affordable!


Hi Remodelaholics! It’s LZ from The Summery Umbrella, and I’m super pumped about this new project today!

I’ve created projects out of reclaimed wood like this beautiful Mason Jar Pendant Light as well as my stunning Potting Bench.

Today is going to be ANOTHER gorgeous and stunning reclaimed wood project! You can most definitely accomplish this cutie

Get This Look: Traditional and Timeless Living Room

A mixture of modern, traditional, and farmhouse design elements make this timeless living room an absolute showstopper. Neutral grays and whites are accented beautifully with contrasting wood finishes. Attention to detail is found in everything from the gallery lighting highlighting the custom built-ins to the unique wood legs of the coffee table. Combining furniture and decor from several different styles gives the living room personality while also creating classic harmony.

This timeless living room is from this traditional style home built by RC Dent Construction and designed by Remedy Furniture and Design Center. Ready to style your own timeless living

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The adjustments …

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What do you do with garden waste? – The Middle-Sized Garden

September 6th, 2020 Posted In: Gardening know how

Garden waste is a big issue in a middle-sized garden, especially at this time of year.

There are five ways of getting rid of it:

  1. Locally run bin collection services, if available
  2. Taking your garden waste to the local recycling centre
  3. Bonfires
  4. Composting your garden waste
  5. Using a garden shredder to compost faster or to use the waste as mulch on borders

If you have a large garden – more than around half an acre – you probably have space for several compost bins, to store a garden shredder and even somewhere

How to grow and pick alstroemerias for endless flowers – The Middle-Sized Garden

August 30th, 2020 Posted In: Gardening know how

Alstroemerias are very easy to grow. They flower from May to November in a UK garden and even longer in some other countries.

‘They’ll flower all year round if you keep them in pots in a greenhouse,’ says Ben Cross of Crosslands Flower Nursery, alstroemeria growers in Sussex. Also known as ‘Peruvian lilies’, they grow brilliantly in pots, too.

However, they are no relation to lilies. The flowers look like lilies, but there is no botanical link. This means alstroemerias aren’t toxic to dogs and cats, whereas true lilies can be a

What to plant in a coastal garden… – The Middle-Sized Garden

August 23rd, 2020 Posted In: Gardening know how

Coastal garden plants are beautiful, easy-care and very resilient.

If your garden is dry or windy and has poor soil, then plants which grow naturally in coastal areas will work beautifully for you.

Or you might want to create a complete coastal garden, like this garden in Whitstable designed by Posy Gentles.

This coastal garden in Whitstable was designed by Posy Gentles.  It’s a few hundred yards back from the beach itself, so is more sheltered than one which faces the sea. Plants include fennel, gaura, eryngium and verbascum.

What to look