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30+ Medium Sized Laundry Rooms

Medium sized laundry rooms have a lot of potential. They can have extra storage and organization, places to fold, and even cabinets. We are sharing our favorite medium sized laundry rooms for inspiration and ideas.

After checking out these ideas, update laundry room cabinet doors to a DIY shaker style. Or add a space saving sliding barn door. And if you want to update laundry room countertops on a budget try one of these DIY countertops.

30+ Medium Sized Laundry Rooms

Use these medium sized laundry rooms for ideas, inspiration, and a springboard to create the laundry room of your dreams!

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An attic can be a great space for a laundry room featured on

This attic laundry room is so adorable!  You couldn’t ask for a cuter space!  And the painted floor is something anyone could try! Image Source

Bright and beautiful laundry room with beautiful wallpaper featured on

I love this simple space, the wallpaper, the bright window and mismatched laundry baskets!  Love it!

compact craft and laundry room to make use of space featured on

I love the colors and compact space of this craft and laundry room!  It really is the perfect little space!

Beach vibe laundry room full over extra storage and charm featured on

I love the counter and the pull out bins!  This space has it all (and probably storage space for that bag of chips!)!  Image Source

Tall ceilings laundry room with fancy touches featured on

As a dish collector and lover I love the idea of having a beautiful display of silver in glass front cabinet above the laundry sink!  Swoon!  And I love bright white laundry rooms, so clean and fresh… Image Source

great laundry with built-in baskets and storage and more featured on

I LOVE the wicker basket laundry baskets and the colored cabinets in this organized medium sized laundry room!

Make room for counter space with stacked washer and dryer. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Stacking machines can add so much counter space to a laundry room!  I love how this space is that much more useful since the machines are stacked!

Beautiful light and bright and full of natural light laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic (56 of 103)

This laundry room, might be boring except that I LOVE the brightness!  It would be anything but boring in this space!

Tile floor pattern with pretty navy cabinets and hanging bar featured on

Great cabinet color, cool tile pattern and all the useful space you must have in a laundry room, without being overly huge!

Tall cabinets add extra storage to this laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Hello storage!  Yes, I could live with this type of storage space in my laundry room!

Blue cabinets and brick floor for a unique laundry area. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

As you can see from lots of these pictures, laundry rooms are the place to get away with any cabinet color you have always wanted to try but have been to afraid to!

A great use of space in this mudroom and laundry room combo. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Another smart stacked set of machines and a mudroom.  A truly useful space!

Bright and colorful laundry room with a huge countertop. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Who says you can’t have fuchsia cabinets in your laundry room… I certainly didn’t.  And what about that floor!  So cute!

Double stacked machines to move through laundry quickly. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

So much storage, so little laundry (since you have double machines, you will be done in half the time, maybe less!)

Stacked laundry with sink for hand washing and lots of storage featured on

This single wall laundry room is smart!  Stack machines to create room for a counter and sink!  Smart design!  Image Source

modern cabinet frosted glass storage area above washer and dryer in the laundry room featured on

Two loves for this picture!  The stainless steel counters (that you can DIY) and the frosted glass doors… which you can also DIY! Image Source

light filled laundry room mudroom combo featured on by House & Home

This multi- purpose laundry room is a dream.  All the light from the windows, the cute rug… the HUGE counter!  I could definitely plow through 85 loads of laundry in this room!  Image Source

Add shelving for baskets above machines in the laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I think having pretty art in your laundry room gets overlooked all too often!  The wallpaper, wicker baskets and art in this little laundry room all work together so well!

Simple laundry room idea. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Great laundry room in the average laundry room space.  The only thing this space is missing is a pretty counter on the machines,…

laundry with lots of storage space and hanging rack featured on

This is a fun rustic laundry room with dark stained wood backsplash and counter that could be easily DIY’ed like the links shows.  Image Source

Great sorting space in a laundry area featured on

This is such a great example of a REAL LIFE family laundry room, so much function but GREAT style.  See real life can be beautiful! by Seesaws and Sawhorses, with details here on Remodelaholic.

Formal pretty storage in Laundry room featured on

This lovely laundry room has a feeling of elegance, with a few simple and easy to duplicate decor elements!  Beautiful glass containers for pet food or laundry soap, an open shelf for simple white soup tureens collection and the adorable tiny silhouettes!  Image source

Beautiful millwork and cabinetry laundry room featured on

Love the neutrals in this space it is just so clean and put together!  Simple and JUST right! Image Source

colorful laundry with builtin laundry bins and folding table plus fun floor featured on

This super bright art is such a fun punch of color in this laundry space!  And I like the idea of this folding bar…

White and bright laundry room with a sink. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Super simple design but bright and beautiful nonetheless!

White and wood toned laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I love the wood trim in this white laundry room, great under cabinet ambient lighting.

White and blue laundry room with lots of shelf storage. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

This large scale laundry room has some simple details that make such a great difference, for example the adorable tile backsplash, the open shelves and art on the wall!

Cute laundry room with fun wallpaper and great storage featured on

It is amazing the impact that you get from something as simple as wall paper!  This pretty simple laundry seems much more exciting because of the pattern!

laundry Room with cute colored cabinets for a pop of color featured on

Love the built in machines and counter top! And what a great color on the cabinets.

Add an accent wall with wallpaper in the laundry room for a pop of pattern. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

I love how the upper cabinets in this space step up slightly, and pop out, not only is it more useful, it really ads to the detail in the cabinetry.

Fun laundry room with wallpaper to add some color and texture to the room

Wall paper again!  Need I say more?  Okay lots of great cabinets, and a farmhouse sink is such a nice upgrade to the normal laundry sink and gives you the huge basin that is so nice in a laundry room!

Add a table or desk to a laundry room to add a work station area. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

This laundry room is VERY plain.  Upper cabinets, but the addition of a small movable desk or table, gives you a crafting area, gift wrapping center OR a folding area.  Great inexpensive idea that ANYONE can try, and I think almost anyone can benefit from!

Shelves with basket storage in the laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

Double stacked machines for effective use of space in the laundry room. Fabulous Laundry room design ideas from @Remodelaholic

This laundry room is NOT that big in the scheme of things it was a pretty average size, but WOW it packed so much function and beauty into one space.  I LOVE the laundry baskets and the double machines.  I just love how you can make something work, even though it is not huge!  Great inspiration!

Tips for Organizing and Designing

  • Go bold! A laundry room is a small space that can handle a pretty wallpaper or colorful cabinets. This is a great room to show some personality in if afraid to go bold throughout your home.
  • Save space by stacking machines. This can open up space for more storage and a countertop or sink if desired.
  • Baskets! Utilize all types of baskets for organizing all of the things. They can be used for clothing, laundry essentials, and more.

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Medium Sized Laundry Room Ideas And Inspiration Featured On

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